Picture yourself in the middle of a New England winter in Colonial America. There  were no electric blankets, no down comforters; just ragged blankets to keep you warm. Cloth had to be spun, weaved and sewn. If your blanket developed a hole, you would sew a piece of fabric on top to cover the hole.  Thus the quilt was invented. Quilts were not carefully constructed heirlooms until much later, when colorful patterns were used to brighten up dreary winter homes.

The Amish and Shakers made beautiful quilts that have become heirlooms, working hours to stitch the intricate patterns in place. The Amish were said to always make one small mistake in the quilt, ... on purpose, because they felt that only God was perfect, and they did not want to upstage God.

You may not have an heirloom Shaker quilt, but here is your opportunity to have an heirloom Quilt Rack made by James Redway Furniture Makers.


Quilt Rack #182



The Redway Quilt Rack is handmade out of solid American Black Cherry using traditional mortise and tenon construction. The rails you see above are carefully mortised into the uprights so the tenons fit perfectly. They are then secured perpendicularly with hand-planed black walnut pegs to insure that this quilt rack can be passed from one generation to the next.

Cherry is one of America’s most premier hardwoods, and was used to build some of the finest pieces in America.  Redway Furniture uses only the best cherry available and we have finished this piece with 5 coats of hand-rubbed tung oil for a silky-smooth satin finish. This natural finish will slowly darken and built a beautiful patina with only a few weeks.

Quality, attention to detail is our hallmark and each piece is signed, dated and numbered.

To purchase Quilt Rack #182 call us at 1-888-889-2723.  30-day money back guarantee.

Width: 30”, Height 38”, Depth: 14”


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